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We offer a range of customisation options for your doors which go far beyond the usual handle, knocker and letterbox choices. When you decide to invest in a replacement door to suit your family’s lifestyle, we ensure that you receive a top quality product, with excellent service.

Why not come and see an existing customer installation or review the showpieces at our Nottingham retail site? We are a family run business with over 25 years of industry experience and we are proud to be the winners of the Consumer Protection Association’s Customer Care Award. We sell a wide range of doors, windows and conservatories, to suit all homes and needs.

The following are two popular customisation options for our customers to consider when ordering one of our doors.

Triple glazing

For years, double glazing represented the pinnacle of domestic window engineering for optimum warmth and efficiency. However, today we are able to bring triple glazing to our window and door product range. This can increase domestic energy efficiency by up to 35 per cent and can significantly lower energy bills when compared to traditional double or single glazing.

Countries such as Canada, Denmark and Sweden have been using triple glazing within their buildings for many years; little surprise considering the temperatures in these locations. Clearly, the UK doesn’t experience the same extreme weather, so this level of insulation is still a relatively new concept in our milder climate.

However, we have found that our customers are increasingly keen to lower their energy prices and improve their carbon footprint by reducing energy wastage in their homes. Triple glazing solutions allow you to improve efficiency and to create a properly insulated home. Our triple glazing applies to doors as well as windows. Many homes have doors as their insulation weak spot thanks to gaps and draughts; our products provide enhanced thermal insulation and keep that warmth indoors where it belongs.

The benefits don’t just stop at heat retention either. Our triple glazed doors also offer enhanced security, as they are far more difficult to break. We offer extra security features such as internal glazed beading to prevent shattering and glass that shatters into tiny pieces rather than dangerous shards if a severe impact does occur (a feature that is of particular interest to parents of younger and active children).

Georgian bars

For our customers with older period properties, the option to retain original features and styling is a key benefit. We offer traditional door designs that support this classic aesthetic whilst providing the high-tech benefits and functionality of the latest materials and production techniques. We offer Georgian bars for that authentic design, whether you opt for a uPVC finish or traditional timber construction. These bars can be placed according to preference; up, down or across the door frame in any design or proportion that you wish. The edges and bars themselves can be contoured in a classic style or left smooth; the choice is entirely up to you.

This creates a cottage door effect that provides wonderful style with the all the benefits of high end glazed windows. This design is also adaptable for any part of the home and our made to measure doors are suitable for tailoring to the most exacting of specifications.

Regardless as to the style and specification that you choose, you can be assured that all of our doors are fully sealed and offer double glazing as a minimum to keep your home quiet, warm and free from those irritating and expensive draughts. We always use high quality and advanced glass technologies alongside superior levels of insulation to provide a top quality product that will last for many years.

Satisfaction guaranteed as standard

In addition to the financial and energy saving benefits, our doors come with satisfaction guarantees to give you that extra peace of mind. Materials and workmanship are covered with a ten year guarantee as standard. Timber doors are provided with a five year standard guarantee for stain and paint finishing, alongside a thirty year guarantee against fungus and rot.

uPVC doors come with an impressive lifetime guarantee against double glazed window condensation and fogging. This lifetime guarantee is extended to rotting, flaking, rusting or fading. Our white uPVC doors are guaranteed to stay free from these complaints and to remain a bright and clear white with the minimum of care and maintenance; simply run a damp cloth over the exterior periodically to remove everyday dust and grime.

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