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If you’ve become fed up with the finish on your aluminium windows then we’ve got good news for you; aluminium windows can be painted. And with summer on its way, longer, warmer days are upon us, so there couldn’t be a better time to give them a new coat. Here’s a short guide on how you can paint yours:

Step 1: Clean the frames and glass

Firstly, its important to give the frames and glass a rigorous clean using warm, soapy water and a cloth. However, a toothbrush can help you clean those tricky corners. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water before allowing to dry.

Step 2: Remove any blemishes

Chipping paintwork or stains can affect the look of the paint once it’s been applied. Therefore, removing these now will lead to a better finish at the end. Chipping paintwork can be removed using sandpaper. However, be sure to use sandpaper of between 80-120 grit, as this is ideal for removing small imperfections. For stains, douse them in baking soda or vinegar and wipe away with a cloth. Once blemishes are removed, wipe away any dust residue with a small brush.

Step 3: Protect the glass and other areas

Use masking tape to cover the part of the frame that meets the glass, covering the rest of the glass with paper, taping it in place to secure it. Cover any surrounding areas that may be at risk of being painted too, then lay a dust sheet on the floor below your windows.

Step 4: Protect yourself

As primer and aluminium paint can contain toxic fumes, it’s important you ensure the area is well ventilated or put on a ventilation mask before the next steps. Putting on some disposable gloves will also prevent any irritation to your skin, should any paint or primer fall onto your hands.

Step 5: Apply the primer

The recommended primer for aluminium windows is a spray primer especially for clean metal. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using it. Apply it in short, sweeping motions, covering all areas of the window frames you plan on painting. Once it’s dry, remove any bubbled or uneven areas using the sandpaper. Then wipe away residue dust.

Step 6: Start painting

You can paint your aluminium windows using a paint brush or spray paint. Just be sure, whichever option you use, the paint is suitable for aluminium. If using a brush, be sure to pick one that matches the width of your frames as closely as possible. This is important for achieving an even coverage. Paint slowly in an up and down motion, covering all areas of the frame as evenly as possible. Leave the paint to dry before applying another coat. Bear in mind, thin layers dry faster and tend to result in a better finish.

Step 7: The finishing touches

Once painting is completed to your liking and completely dry, begin removing the protective covering you fitted earlier. Once it’s removed, sit back and enjoy your handiwork!

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