Why choose Triple Glazing & Triple Glazed Windows?

What is so special about triple-glazed windows?

Many people ask this question. What exactly makes triple glazing superior to double glazed windows? The extra window pane means better heat retention and makes the window even more solid within the frame.

Here are five good reasons why our triple glazed windows are so superior:

  • They are exceptionally efficient at retaining heat. The extra pane of glass helps to keep heat, generated either by the sun or your central heating system, inside your house. Our windows are A+ 21 rated which means that they are able to maximise your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Our triple-glazed windows block out external noise such as that made by heavy traffic or loud neighbours, helping you to sleep well at night.
  • Triple glazed windows are even harder to break than double glazing, making our windows exceptionally strong and secure.
  • All our windows are fitted with multi-point locking systems. They are also made in the UK and so meet British Safety Standards. The materials we use to build our windows are second to none, all of which means that they are as tough and strong as windows can be, offering superb resistance.
  • We are a family-run business with over 25 years of experience in the industry and can offer you exceptional service and comprehensive guarantees.
White R9 Triple Glazed Windows

Features of triple glazing

What makes a good triple glazed window?
The answer is a combination of factors.

Low E coated glass
Without Low E (low emissivity) coated glass, windows will absorb heat from within the home and in turn lose it as it radiates onto the colder outside surface. The Low E glass instead essentially reflects the heat back into the room. It will reduce heat transference significantly and will make a considerable difference when it comes to improving the thermal efficiency of both the window and the overall property.

Low iron glass
The outside panel of glass contains low iron which means that it is crystal clear and so lets more light, and therefore heat, into your home.

Sealed units
Of course, the triple glazing is hermetically sealed.
The panes are separated by 12 mm and each chamber is filled with Argon gas to improve heat and sound insulation. The frames themselves have:

Spacer bars
The panes of glass in every triple glazed window are separated by warm edge spacer bars made from an insulating plastic that prevents heat loss still further.

Internal beading
An internal glazed bead means that it is even more difficult to remove the glass panes from their frames, giving you even greater security and so peace of mind.

Close up of an Irish oak effect Residence 9 window
george barnsdale timber windows and doors

The benefits of triple glazing

uPVC frames
Our triple glazing frames use the same profile as our double glazing and have therefore been tried and tested for many years.

Why else are our triple glazed windows so good?
You may have heard of Windows Energy Ratings, a government-recognised system for measuring energy efficiency in windows. Our triple glazing is rated as A+ 21, placing it beyond the WER chart! In other words, it is as efficient at conserving energy as it is currently possible to be.

All our windows have reinforced panes, making them superior to a number of other products on the market.

We offer extensive guarantees against both discolouration and deterioration of the sealed units, giving you peace of mind.

Why should I consider fitting triple glazing?
Energy prices are more expensive than ever so it makes sense to make your home as energy efficient as you can. Countries dealing with colder weather than ours have been fitting triple-glazed windows for many years.

If you have insulated your roof and your walls, it makes good sense to maximise the heat insulation offered by your windows, keeping your home warm throughout the winter months and saving you money on your energy bills.

Triple Glazing & Triple Glazed Windows are:

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Highly secure

Aluminium casement windows feature internal glazing which prevents the glass from being removed from the outside. A multi-point, bi-directional steel locking mechanism comes as standard, ensuring peace of mind night and day.

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Easy clean and low maintenance

Aluminium is an excellent choice of material for windows as it will never peel, flake, rot or rust. For even greater convenience, self-cleaning glass is available and this is the perfect choice for first floor windows and upwards.

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Satisfaction ensured

As a Nottingham area family-run business, and as winners of the Consumer Protection Association’s Customer Care Award, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We want you to be pleased with your windows for many years to come and to help you make the right choice, you are welcome to view examples of our previously installed windows.

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Better insulation

With a 20mm Argon gas-filled gap and state-of-the-art sealed unit technology, aluminium windows are a very environmentally friendly option. The specially designed glass prevents heat loss from your home and lowers your energy bills.

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The Lifestyle guarantee

At Lifestyle, we provide an installation guarantee of 15 years on all products and a comprehensive insurance-backed guarantee (IBG) from the Consumer Protection Association (CPA) for ten years.

This gives you peace of mind when it comes to the materials and workmanship involved. We are completely confident about the quality of our installation work and team, and we want to ensure that you are confident too.

We also provide an additional lifetime warranty on all products.

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Acoustic glass upgrade

All our windows are available with an optional upgrade to feature Pilkington Optiphon™ Acoustic laminated glazing. Different glass thicknesses are combined with a special PVB (polyvinylbutyral) interlayer to enhance acoustic performance. Pilkington Optiphon™ Acoustic glass will help to significantly reduce exterior noise transmission without any negative impact on the window’s thermal performance and light admission capacity. It is an excellent upgrade option for homes located near airports, busy roads, railway lines and in noisy city centres.

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Enhanced noise reduction

The filled gap between the double glazing panes also leads to a considerable reduction in the amount of noise filtering into your home from outside. Double draught-resistant seals and a double rebated design allow you to enjoy your privacy and lifestyle in peace and quiet.

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Tailored to your home

Aluminium casement windows come in a range of colours and can incorporate two different colours (inside and outside) to better match your house and your interior design lifestyle choices. You can also choose to install decorative glass or leaded features. For a more traditional look, Georgian bars can be combined with any design.

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