ABS skin

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is the same material used to make Lego. It is a coating used on timber core composite doors to strengthen them, actively resisting fading, discoloration, and scratches.


Aluminium has become a favourable construction material due to its recyclable, lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant features. Our aluminium doors are ideal for homeowners looking for an ultramodern door system that's strong, easy to use and can be moulded into virtually any shape or size.

Bi-fold doors

Also known as a sliding-folding door or a continental folding door, bi-fold doors feature a concertina style fold that stack the door panels neatly to one side. Available in uPVC or aluminium, these cutting-edge doors are perfect for entertaining and bringing the outside in.


The term 'composite' refers to the way the door is made up of several elements to offer superior strength. Our composite doors combine durable & lightweight glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), a robust polyurethane foam core, and resilient frames.

Dog bolts

Hinge bolts (AKA ‘dog bolts’) are steel pins fitted into the hinge side of timber door-leaves to reinforce exposed hinges, or to inward opening doors that could be vulnerable to kicking or barging.


Based on a scale of E to A++ (A++ being the most efficient), the Door Set Energy Rating (DSER) indicates how energy efficient your doors are.

French doors

French doors feature a set of two glass panels, that can be opened inward or outward. Maximising the space in your home and garden, this continental door style is a popular addition to patio and conservatory entrances.

GRP skin

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) is a coating used on high-density polyurethane foam filled composite doors to strengthen them. GRP actively resists issues such as warping, twisting, rusting, peeling, and fading.

Heritage door

Heritage doors are suited to period and historic properties and are either made from natural timber or high-performance uPVC that replicates the authentic appearance of a wooden door. Heritage doors are designed to meet conservation guidelines.

Multi-point locking

Multi-point locking systems dramatically heighten door security, by bolting the door into the frame and locking at multiple points with the simple turn of a key.

Low threshold

Clearly separating the outside from the inside, the threshold forms the step at the bottom of a doorway. Low thresholds are available in a range of sizes and considerably reduce the height of the step to provide a smoother transition - which is ideal for occupants with mobility issues and families with young children.

Polyamide break

Also known as a thermal break barrier, polyamide breaks are a plastic barrier placed between the inner and outer frame of an aluminium door to make it more energy efficient.

Safety glass

Also known as toughened or tempered glass, safety glass is made with controlled chemicals & cooling methods that increase its strength; safely crumbling into small pieces when it's broken.


Also known as sidelites, sidelights are narrow windows or panes of glass typically set alongside a door or a larger window.

Sliding patio door

Sliding patio doors feature large expanses of glass that slide sideways to provide easy access to the building. Available in uPVC, and aluminium, these space-saving doors are perfect for making the most of good weather and far-reaching views.


Timber has been the number one choice for doors since the beginning of time. Natural in appearance and incredibly durable, it is now the ideal option for heritage homes looking to retain and enhance character.

Traffic door

A traffic door is a conventional door that is built into a bifold door system. Depending on the number of door leaves, a traffic door can be hinged to the door frame and operate independently or attached to the bifold system. Traffic doors save time in areas where it isn't practical to continually open the whole bifold system, as well as retaining warmth and saving money on heating bills throughout the winter months.


uPVC stands for 'Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride'. It is a popular door material due to its durability, weather resistance, and low maintenance qualities.

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Replacement of old existing conservatory with new and recoating unview old base

Professional and carried out to a very good standard working in difficult and restricted access conditions.

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Lifestyle remodelled our old conservatory

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