It’s not always the first option that springs to mind, but compared with building an extension or transforming the loft, converting your garage is a far simpler and cheaper option. With cars having increased in size over the past few decades, many older garages have become redundant. But you only have to step inside yours to see that most garages have the same dimensions as a decent-sized bedroom. That’s a lot of space just for storing old paint and keeping the lawnmower dry. So why not make better use of it?

How to make a room out of your garage

The first step has to be the introduction of light. Whether it’s windows or skylights, roof lanterns or French windows, opening up the walls will transform the space from a garage to a room. And it’s easier than it sounds. For example, a French window or sliding doors can easily replace garage doors, with no structural work or disturbance necessary.

Next, you’ll want to think about insulation, damp proofing and raising the floor to match the rest of your home. This is followed by electrical installation, plastering, painting and flooring. Again, this may sound a little intimidating but it comes at a fraction of the cost of a new extension and these are all tasks that we can undertake as part of our service.

Making the best use of the new space

So, now you have your new room, what are you going to do with it? That really depends on the location and how many windows you’ve decided to include. With French doors on the front, any garage can easily become a beautiful and spacious living or dining room. If you have enough parking space, the remaining driveway can become a patio ringed with hedging. In practice, the possibilities are endless; a guest bedroom, a master bedroom, a kitchen or study are all popular choices.

What about planning permission?

Most garage conversions require a building notice but don’t require planning permission. In our experience, the whole process is relatively straightforward and you’ll be surprised how quickly you and your family find yourself enjoying a whole new room that you never knew you had.

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