It’s a fact of life that we can’t all live in rambling Victorian mansions in the middle of the countryside. In fact, considering the cost of upkeep, the lack of insulation and the leaking roof, perhaps it’s best that we don’t. However, we can still incorporate the things we love into the house we have. Whether you’ve just bought a new build or something a little less modern, there are plenty of ways in which to add a little old house charm.

1. Take a look at the floors

If you’re considering replacing the carpets, look at the floorboards to decide if your new home could benefit from bare floors. Rugs over sanded, polished or varnished floorboards add instant charm. It’s true, you might lose some insulation, but if your windows and doors are up to date, this shouldn’t be a problem. Bare floors also harbour far fewer chemicals, dust and allergens than carpets.

2. Replace the standard plastic light switches

White plastic light switches are easy to clean but are not so easy on the eye. But these are simple to replace with something rather more characterful. Look out for reclaimed pieces or something of higher quality than your current fittings, either online or at your local DIY store.

3. Get a new front door

Your front door is the first thing anyone sees when they come to visit your new home. So often, the standard doors on new build homes are less than inspiring and can date your property very quickly. Look for a door with classical features. But don’t forget, the two principal characteristics of a door should be security and insulation. Once you’re assured of these attributes, you can get creative.

4. Add a porch

If you have the space, a porch or canopy can really add some character to your home. In addition to protecting you and your visitors from the rain, a porch provides a frame to complement your door. Choose one which not only suits the style of your home but also that of the surrounding neighbourhood.

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