Replacement conservatories have become increasingly popular in recent years, many of us have spent time living in a property or know someone with a conservatory that doesn’t get used.  What should be essential extended living space for the modern home is far too often labelled as “too hot in summer and too cold in winter.”  It’s a familiar story.  For so many years there seemed to be a race to build the cheapest white box possible.  Many homeowners were driven by price alone.  Today the modern conservatory consumer is very different, many are keen to not make the same mistakes that previous generations have done.

A conservatory, orangery or garden room must be a space the whole family can use and enjoy all year round.  Homeowners looking to build, renovate or replace an existing conservatory are now very fortunate.  Heavy product innovation driven by homeowners desire to build better living spaces has given birth to a wide range of designs, glazing and finishes  to build just that, better structures that are an essential part of the home.  Parts of the industry have estimated that there are over one million poorly built conservatories in the UK that will require a new roof, new structure or completely rebuilding in the near future.

Our range of replacement conservatory products inspired by the Ultra-frame range of conservatory, orangery and extension roof solutions gives our customers complete choice to build a structure that is right for them and their home.  It is common to re-use an existing conservatory base and walls simply replacing either the roof or the roof combined with new energy efficient windows and doors.   Our range of replacement conservatory products includes conservatory roofs with the latest solar control energy efficient glazing, orangeries with deep insulated lighting pelmets to cut down on the visible glass area in the roof while improving thermal performance of the space and the very latest in solid garden roof design.  Both tiled conservatory roofs and the elegant contemporary insulated LivinROOF products offer more protection from the sun with building regulation compliance levels of insulation.  Get in touch for a brochure or for more information about how our range of replacement conservatories can improve your lifestyle.

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