Tiled roof white conservatory

Tiled roofs are an excellent choice for a conservatory roof replacement. They create a cosier, more permanent feel to your extended living area and can help to greatly improve your home’s thermal performance. At Lifestyle Windows, we have worked on hundreds of tiled roof projects. Many of our customers initially approach us asking a variety of questions about the suitability of a tiled roof for their particular situation. If you’re considering a tiled roof for your conservatory, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions we have received about tiled roofs to help you to make a fully informed decision about your home improvement plans.

Is a traditional tiled roof or flat roof with lantern a viable alternative for a conservatory?

The simple answer is no. To fit a traditional roof (rather than one of our LABC approved roof systems) the foundations will need to be exposed and either underpinned to satisfy a building inspector or if this is not feasible the foundation/walls will need to be re-built as per current Building Regulations.

When replacing a polycarbonate roof with a tiled roof, does the interior feel a lot darker?

It’s amazing how much light a polycarbonate roof actually blocks out. By including a small amount of glazing in your tiled roof system, natural light will flood into your living space. Call into our showroom or visit one of our existing customers to see for yourself.

How much more comfortable will this ‘new room’ be?

Sunroof interior

As the roof complies with Building Regulations, it is as thermally insulated as possible. In fact LivinRoof and UltraRoof380 are up to 15 times more thermally efficient than older glass and polycarbonate roofs. This means you can have greater comfort and lower fuel bills than before. You can also incorporate glazed sections with both LivinRoof and UltraRoof380 to ensure that natural light levels are not negatively affected.

Acoustic insulation, will it be quieter?

With an UltraFrame tiled roof there is a significant acoustic improvement just like traditional roofing.

What happens about Building Regulations?

All solid roof structures need to comply with current Building Regulations. Lifestyle Windows will apply for the relevant documentation on your behalf (hard copies will be sent to you to file and keep as these will be needed when the property is sold).

Will the solid roof be too heavy to sit on my windows?

tiled roof extension

UltraRoof380 & LivinRoof are much lighter than other replacement roofs and not much heavier than a glass roof. In most cases, the original window frames will provide sufficient support for the new tiled roof. The difference in loading on the foundations is negligible so provided there is no sign of settlement in the base it will not be necessary to excavate a pilot hole to reveal the foundations. To satisfy building control, a visual inspection of the existing base, walls and frame work must be carried out and photographic evidence submitted with the building control application. Corner posts must be checked to confirm that reinforcing has been used (or retro fitted).

I have no door between the house and conservatory, will that affect Building Regulations?

For replacement projects with no existing external door, building control are satisfied because thermal improvements are being made with the new roof system. The only building control constraint is that the new roof must have a maximum glass area of 25% when using our standard glass unit specification.

Can I remove an existing external door/window between the main property and the extension?

To remove an existing external door from the house an energy calculation must be made to assess any potential heat loss. Subsequent recommendations will be made to offset any heat loss such as increasing loft insulation or changing light bulbs to low energy alternatives. We can arrange for this calculation through JHAI.

Is it possible to extend the height of an existing wall?

It is possible to do this, however, we do not recommend it as ‘good practice’. Typically, the suitability of an existing foundation is not known and building an existing wall up to ‘full height’ will add a significant amount of extra download. Ultimately it is the customer’s decision but we recommend taking a look at our insulated dummy wall solution for a practical alternative.

Will a tiled roof add value to my home?

Simply put the answer is yes! There has been some debate about the added value of a conservatory for many years. An insulated solid roof space, however, is regarded in the same way as any other room in a house and will add rateable-value floor space to a home.

If you’d like to find out more about tiled roofs from Lifestyle Windows or any of our products or services call us free on 0800 783 6502 or send us a message online.