Door Benefits


Create a warmer home

Lifestyle doors guarantee a lovely, warm home no matter what the weather may bring. All our doors are fitted with double or triple glazing, which is fully sealed and manufactured using the latest technology to ensure minimal heat loss. To add an extra layer of warmth to your home, the special coating on our glass pane reflects the heat back into the property. Our double glazing has an argon-filled 20mm gap between the layers to provide optimum levels of thermal insulation. The door frames also have draught resistant seals. All these elements help to conserve energy supplies and lower your bills.



As a Nottinghamshire-based family-run business, we understand that keeping your home secure is a prime concern. To achieve this, we have incorporated a number of security features into our doors, including:

  • • Multi-point locks, manufactured from stainless steel, tightly sealing the door to keep intruders out. Stainless steel is non-corrosive, so there won’t be any deterioration in strength over time.
  • • All locking cylinders tested against the main ways to break-in.
  • • To increase security further, we can also fit spy holes or security chains for you.
  • • All our doors meet PAS24 security standards.


Cleaning and maintaining our range of doors is quick and simple, leaving you with more leisure time, and the doors require very little maintenance to keep them looking in excellent condition. Our aluminium, GRP and uPVC doors won’t rot, peel, rust or flake, meaning that they don’t need sanding or repainting. Our white uPVC doors are guaranteed for life against discolouration, whilst our aluminium doors (with any colour finish) have a 25-year guarantee. Even our timber range is low maintenance, guaranteed for 30 years against fungi and rot. All Lifestyle doors are tested for double the amount of time required by British Standards.


Benefits of our doors

All our doors are manufactured to the highest standards to deliver a quality product that will last for years. We pride ourselves on the levels of workmanship and we offer all our potential customers the opportunity to see existing customer installations so that you know exactly what you will be getting when you choose a product from Lifestyle. All our doors, whether uPVC, GRP, aluminium or timber, have a number of benefits.


Less noise

Our doors also reduce the level of noise from outside to provide you with a quiet and relaxed environment. Each door is made to measure, precisely installed and highly insulating. The addition of double or triple-glazed panes reduces the issue of noise even further. The Lifestyle door collection all feature air gaps between the panes for insulation, which is also beneficial in terms of noise reduction.


Energy efficiency

All home owners want to reduce their energy bills wherever possible and our doors can help to keep your property energy efficient. They retain heat to ensure that your home stays warm, which also lowers your energy costs. This brings down your personal carbon footprint, which is a good selling point for the property. When you are choosing a door you don’t have to make a decision regarding energy efficiency, as our entire door range meets high standards. Fitted with double draught-proofing and double or triple-glazing, triple glazing could make your home 35% more energy efficient incomparison to double glazing. The doors also have high levels of insulation and incorporate advanced technology. There are thermal breaks in all our doors, the hardwood we use is a natural insulator, and the uPVC range of doors has multi-chambers. These elements all help the environment and keep your property warm.

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