Integral blinds

Are you getting a bit bored of continuously wiping the dust from your current blinds? Or washing your curtains on a frequent basis? We were too before we found the perfect solution – integral blinds. And rest assured that it’s not just us who thinks that these are the perfect accessory for your new bi-fold Lifestyle Windows, and a lot of our customers do too!

What are integral blinds?

Integral blinds, also known as ‘integrated blinds’, are a modern alternative to curtains and traditional blinds that sit outside the window itself. They are cleanly styled cutting-edge Venetian or pleated style blinds that are safely sealed between two panes of glass that make up a double-glazing unit.

What are the benefits of integral blinds?

Dual aluminium bifold doors with integral blinds

Being sealed in two panes of glass removes any cleaning hassle (music to your ears, we know), reduces any worries about dust collecting on the surface or the children damaging the mechanism, and retains the colour of both your window or doors, and the integral blinds. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

As we’re moving away from the cluttered rooms full of beds, books, and boxes and instead of steering into an era of minimalism, lots of us are opting for the no wires or cords showing approach, which makes the integral blinds the perfect addition to any home! With no interruptions to your windows or doors, integral blinds do not get any extra installation and keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Can I retrospectively install integral blinds?

You can, yes. By simply replacing the sealed unit, integral blinds can be fitted into almost any type of window or door around your house, whether that be your existing double-glazed windows, or triple-glazed windows, you can install them whenever you’d like.

How do integral blinds work?

Depending on your preference, you can either go for a manual or magnet operation. Manual systems feature a securely attached cord fitted to a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass, much like you’d have if the blinds were external to the glass.

For the latter automatic operation, discreet magnetic sliders are another option which features two magnets on the inside of your double-glazed windows, for example, housed on the glass edge. One magnet slides up and down to raise the lower the blind, whilst the other magnet controls the opening and closing of the slats.

If you’d like more information about choosing Lifestyle Windows to install your double-glazed windows and integral blinds, get in touch today. Give us a call on 0800 783 6502 or contact us online.